The Brand Story

In 2013 History Channel and A&E Networks reached out and engaged us to help them better engage their audience. With various new shows and mini-series in the works, they asked us if we could help them across various brand initiatives.

Our partnership with the amazing teams at History Channel and A+E networks is focused on assisting them with design, key art and branding for their various network shows and programs. For each project our ask remains the same... push the visual style in a captivating way by straying away from the predictable and adventuring into a much bolder, more intrepid approach to storytelling.

We’ve had the privilege of being involved with projects such as Houdini, American Daredevils, World Wars, Vikings 2 and the Gabby Douglas biography for the Lifetime Network.

Houdini Mini-Series

From suspenseful key art to a refreshed logo, we helped the History Channel establish a visual style for their new television series, Houdini.  Heavy iron chains, gilded water tanks, and thick metal locks were recreated to engage the audience in that ‘hold your breath’ moment, just as Houdini did.  

Utilizing photography and video of Mr. Brody in the iconic Houdini posters, we reproduced the suspenseful situations and illustrious moments that made Houdini famous.

American Daredevils

We were tasked with creating a design language and brand design system around one of History Channel's newest shows, American Daredevils.  

This exciting new television series follows the lives of two real-life daredevils as they perform death-defying acts without the luxuries of rehearsals and second chances.  When we sat down to create our concepts we knew we needed to design something bold and iconic that could capture the story of the passion and tenacity engulfed in each one of their stories.  Using elements of grit and fire we created pieces that captured the tough reality and attitude portrayed in the show.

We were responsible for designing the key art, billboards and on-air branding for the launch.

World Wars Mini Series

Set in the years between the wars, World Wars tells the story of a generation of ‘great’ men who came of age during the so-called First World War.

History looked to us to tell the story rarely told of the young leaders before their reign. Using visual treatment such as page tears and double exposures we brought mystery to the story told behind each leader.

Gabby Douglas Bio Pic (Lifetime Network)

With an upcoming biopic on Olympian Gymnast and global icon Gabby Douglas, the Lifetime Network reached out and asked us to provide some design direction and key art for the release of the feature title.

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