The Back Story

Incase is a globally respected and iconic lifestyle and accessories brand. Over the years they’ve created some industry bending trends in the bag, sleeve, case, power and even the collaboration space. They’ve even managed to establish a longstanding relationship with a small little brand you may have heard of named Apple.

Naturally, we we’re ecstatic when Kelly Magrath, their Sr. Vice President of Marketing, engaged us to help them create a new overarching communication strategy, e-commerce platform and global campaign toolkit in an effort to solve this problem. With an aggressive timeline, a sizeable amount of work and ambitious growth goals, we were excited to put our minds together and get started.

A Fresh Brand Story

Incase definitely had some core consumers who carried a deep affection for the brand but how could we help them feel like Incase was an extension of themselves and the devices that they carried? What do they stand for and why should consumers care?

The answer was simple, Incase painstakingly designs, tests and re-designs products that will help their consumers power and protect their devices and tools. The consumers’ lifestyle and daily habits influence every stitch and thought that goes into the products they create. Every consumer uses their bags and tools differently, therefore every consumer has a unique “use case.” It was from this realization that we defined our strategy and identified that Incase creates products that are ‘Designed for You.’

‘Designed for You.’ created the perfect opportunity for us to stay true to the founding principles behind Incase’s brand, but bring a human element and personality to the consumer. It also clearly positioned the brand regarding what they offer and what their point of differentiation is.When we introduced ‘Designed for You.’ we identified four key consumer archetypes that the ‘You’ represented and turned them into categories Incase could merchandise products within.

Developing the Messaging & Visual Direction

With ‘Designed for You.’ we wanted to showcase exactly what Incase products are made for, that being real life situations. From custom typography and a hand crafted script (based on the handwriting of Incase’s Moses Aipa) to introducing lifestyle photography into the creative for the first time, our direction was focused on creating a system that felt candid, human, and portrayed “real life” situations giving context to the function and beauty of the product.

“Our approach was focused on creating a system that felt candid and portrayed these ‘real life’ situations as well as the function and beauty of the product.”

We also established a flexible messaging system that aligned with the visual system and further injected the brand's personality. Our strategy was this... take a motivation, lifestyle or situation and create a unique headline from it that ties product functionality to the moments they matter the most in. If we’re marketing a travel bag, why not utilize the challenges of travel to position Incase products as the answer? ‘Designed for You’ was made to be adaptable, the ‘You’ can interchange and allow us to verbalize the situations we were speaking to, i.e. ‘Designed for Long Days’ or ‘Designed for Road Trips.’

By combining our visual system with our messaging platform, we established a global brand communication platform that enabled Incase to hone in on the best design elements of their products and focus on showcasing exactly how they create a better experience. Equally as important, this approach allowed us to create context through by aligning lifestyle types with the brand and their products.

Taking ‘Designed for You.' Digital

Our ‘Designed for you.’ framework provided a strategy for connecting with consumers, but how could we take this structure and bring it into the eCommerce platform?

As we approached the redesign, we focused on the user and set out to create an online experience that not only streamlines the path to purchase, but does so in a way that provides the inspiration and exploration Incase’s core consumer desires.

We also ensured we were staying true to best practices; but pushed standards forward as well by bringing features and functions that provide utility to the user just like the products they offer.

A Guided Shopping Experience

The new site enables users to shop by products and device type as well as who they are ‘designed for’. This guided navigation and site architecture strategy provides multiple paths to purchase but also enables consumers to shop per category as well as across categories and fully embraces “discovery commerce” which is something today’s consumer desires.

Combining Content with Commerce

We designed with the flexibility and versitility necessary to combine brand content with commerce. Our campaign and featured product pages are customizable regarding photo, video and written content in a manner that enables Incase to tell the story behind their products and their brand as they see fit.

Device Responsive & Globally Adaptive

With the rise of mobile commerce, we designed the site responsively to provide delight on any device type. To ensure features and functions worked across mobile, tablet and desktop experiences, the site automatically adapts the user experience and user interface using a system of components built around our responsive strategy.

Not only is the site device responsive, but it is also globally adaptive and lays a framework for Incase enter new global markets. Now, each region can customize their experience to align with their unique needs regarding commerce and content.

Improving the Path to Purchase

Elevating the brands opportunity to improve sales online was the primary goal of the redesign. To support our efforts, we implemented various best practices and standards when it comes to eCommerce. We also looked for ways to bring new features to the experience including Olapic for social commerce, predictive results regarding search and utilities like carousel browsing to the product tiles on the catalog landing pages.

Social Commerce

A large portion of our digital strategy was focused on leveraging social commerce and enabling our consumer to become brand advocates. To achieve this, we customized and implemented Olapic; a third party social commerce utility that turns consumer generated content into shoppable visual brand assets that provide the social proof many consumers desire.

Predictive Search

We implemented predictive search functionality into the platform that provides recommended search terms and results based on their search and browsing history within the site. We also designed the search results in a manner that makes it commerce focused and direct.

Product Browsing

To improve the user experience around product browsing we brought carousel functionality with swipe gestures to the product catalog tiles. This allows consumers to quickly browse color/product options in a fun and engaging way which also prevents them from having to leave the page. This strategy also transitions down to mobile, prompting lower bounce rates and improving the shoppers overall user experience.

SEO Optimization

The support marketing efforts to improve SEO and drive more traffic, we implemented category landing pages that enable Incase to provide SEO relevant search terms and body copy within the site pushing key products and categories.

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