The Back Story & Brand Launch

Kalla, the newest member to the Provide Commerce brand line, made their debut to the online market place in late 2013., being the younger, hipper, sister to, was out to impress and disrupt the floral home delivery service industry with it’s eye-popping bouquets and modern design elements. As a newly established brand looking to make an impression with “plugged in” users, Kalla needed to build and execute a unique online platform that enabled a personalized gifting experience.

Initially, Kalla engaged us as the lead design agency for their launch campaign and asset execution. Working with them, we launched the brand in Miami with retail kiosks and events to drive awareness around the new offering. Along with this, we worked closely with Kalla’s product owners and quickly elevated their online marketing strategy with carefully crafted landing pages, OLA’s, banner ads, and larger installments that would populate billboards and metro signs throughout their flagship locations.

Below are a few examples of the work we put together for launch...

Rethinking The Online Gifting Experience

Prior to our engagement with Kalla, they partnered with another vendor to execute the experience design of their new online platform. However, a few months after launch, Kalla digital product owners quickly learned that the platform wasn’t driving the level of conversion and sales they were expecting so they engaged us to rethink how Kalla could live online.

Discovery, Strategy & Wireframing

Together with Kalla, we established three goals: increase conversion, highlight the product offerings, and optimize customization services. In an effort to better inform our strategy for the redesign, we performed a site audit that brought insights from other service related Commerce platforms into actionable next steps. This created a solid foundation of Do's and Don'ts that we could use to solve for the initial concerns.

Trimming the Fat

Based on our site audit, we reduced the pages from 5 to 2 which created a quicker path to purchase.

A Focused Landing Page

As we rethought the overall experience of, we set out to help transition them from being a widget company to a product-led service company. The previous home page led with specific flowers for the user to choose from which didn’t articulate the real differentiation behind the brand. That differentiation being the entire package and delivery aspect they provide.

To solve for this, we opted to deliver an experience and help curate offerings around three tiered packages for the user to choose from. This helped us guide and assist the consumer as well as provided a better overview of our offering and value proposition.

Streamlining the Purchase Flow

We created a simple step by step process that effectively moves the user through the package customization options and enables them to checkout within five simple steps. This approach reinforced the brand's value proposition of being a full gifting experince.

A key feature to the success of this approach was moving the delivery date, location, and recipient name to the beginning of the process which got rid of a pain point in the user experience by letting the user know immediately if the date and time they want is available. We also found that adding the recipients name at the beginning would help users feel more emotionally tied to the package they were building.

Brand Storytelling & Bouquet Features

Each of Kalla's arrangements has been handcrafted by a florist to tell a unique story. We felt as part of the overall Kalla experience, we should give the users a chance to learn about these rich stories. To do this, we introduced a seasonal editorial piece that would correlate with their product release schedule. These pages would highlighting the passion, inspiration and detail that goes into every product and allowed us to organically tie in a lifestyle element. 

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