The Back Story

New Era is an international lifestyle brand with an authentic sports heritage that has spent over 92 years refining the art and science of crafting the best headwear in the world. Best known for being the official on-field cap for Major League Baseball and the National Football League, New Era has claimed it’s space as a global leader in headwear and accessories in the sports lifestyle category.

Throughout our partnership with New Era, we’ve helped them establish and enhance visual standards and communication strategies across baseball, football and lifestyle categories. Although our approach for each category and project within it was unique, the throughline was consistent. Our goal was to connect sports fans, athletes and fashion-focused consumers to authentic products through memorable messaging and engaging experiences that encourage self-expression.

MLB Retail Program

New Era’s demographic of sports enthusiasts value quality, authenticity and heritage. Throughout our relationship with New Era, we acted as their retail agency of record for their MLB Baseball program where we were responsible for the communication strategy, creative direction and design direction regarding how they would engage them.

Within the program, each brief targeted the typical baseball fan, we pursued an even greater task of evoking the emotions and intentions of each individual archetype. The result was a series of engaging campaigns that highlighted functionality, nostalgia and the aspirations of sport and lifestyle consumers.

From interactive retail installations to seasonal campaigns and product launches, we’ve helped New Era build a cohesive brand experience across all key retail accounts and channels associated with their MLB relationship.

NFL Retail Program

In 2014, we helped New Era develop a unique story around their collection of NFL gear through various campaigns that targeted a unique demographic of buyers. In contrast to the MLB consumer, we had to shift gears and identify with a confident, younger market.

Our work for New Era and their NFL program spanned across various initiatives that would take place during the phases of the NFL season. We were tasked with defining a new strategic approach and developing campaign materials that would better align with the NFL’s millennial audience in an effort to better communicate what it means to “Speak with your Cap.”

To achieve this, we designed and produced a set of campaigns and retail experiences that worked cohesively through a consistent message but varied regarding the visual expression. Our goal was to create a system of experiences and to establish a visual platform that would adapt based on the retail partner or channel.

The result is a campaign that articulates the various settings a New Era cap can align with the various lifestyles of their consumer. From being a sport aligned product to a fashion statement, we positioned the brand in a way that spoke to both the millennial fan as well as the lifestyle inspired consumer.

Lifestyle Program

We created a series of engaging campaign experiences that brought New Era products beyond it’s typical sports demographic. Utilizing some of today’s most iconic and well respected artists in the music industry, we created engaging experiences through connected commerce. Pushing beyond POP kits, we developed immersive retail experiences to help better tell the story of each campaign.

When it came to pushing New Era’s NBA licensed product, we focused our efforts around New Era’s commitment to self expression and innovative technology, by helping them create distinct and memorable consumer touch-points that moved products as well as culture.

From flagship store retail branding and events to immersive and interactive retail installations during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, our work for New Era elevated both their Lifestyle & NBA program in a way that better aligned with their core consumer and drove brand consideration among those unfamiliar with the brand.

Brand Photography & Content Creation

During our relationship with New Era, we helped them develop a wide range of content for their various MLB and NFL retail programs. Our goal was to develop a library of lifestyle imagery that portrayed the fashion aspect of the brand without losing it’s authenticity in sport.

Working with sport and lifestyle photographer Dom Cooley, we prepared, planned, art directed and helped produce various shoots with athletes and celebrities including Matt Kemp, Tito Ortiz, Colin Kaepernick, Marshawn Lynch, Kid Cudi and many more. 

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