Project Overview

Since 2011 we've been working with the team at Ubisoft. Our work has included concept development, key art design, packaging, trailers, advertising and brand design direction.

In 2012, we took a look at the existing and felt that it could be improved upon. So we introduced them to a new digital platform that utilizes big, beautiful browsing and streamlined content organization which results in a framework set-up to better connect consumers to the world of Ubisoft.

The proposed was designed to connect consumers with the games they love... characters, stories, content and all things affiliated with the brand.

Our overall philosophy behind the approach was to simply deliver the content that gamers want while allowing the brand to entice and engage them. The entire site framework is intended to provide unique content at every level while encouraging consumers to dive deeper and become more emerged in the gaming experience Ubisoft provides.

Thinking Visually & Designing the Framework

Ubisoft and their titles are visually beautiful and we wanted to make sure that the new site framework allowed things to shine. With famous properties like Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and the highly anticipated Watch Dogs, our approach enables the key art and graphic content to be leveraged to the fullest.

As we approached the redesign, we wanted to utilize and implement an understated, minimal design that allows the games and their content to shine. The browsing experience is based around a visually engaging content stream that allows users to view titles, media, news and fun facts.

From an aesthetic stand-point, we built the site on a light color palette so the images and graphics could really pop off the screen and make it easy for the viewer to browse between the different sections and differentiate content.

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