Date Published (4.14.22)
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A Fresh Collab with Brixton Just in Time for Spring

Spring is here for our friends at Brixton.

Our latest collaboration comes in the form of a striking new campaign for their Spring 22 collection, New Explorers.

Back in 2020 we sat down with Brixton to look back at their past and imagine the brand’s future together. The result was Done Proper, a new articulation of the brand mindset centered around timeless, essential style. Now in 2022, we saw an opportunity to turn Done Proper into an iconic brand signature that signals craft, finish, and authenticity.

Brixton was built on the idea that originality makes for a more interesting world, so we like to think of their seasonal campaigns like albums; each one an opportunity to take the brand to exciting new places, while never forgetting its roots. And like any great album, it comes with provocative lyrics and a distinctive look.

Our vision was to build a world around the new collection — a humble take on the outdoors that isn’t always far from home. Comfortable, but refined. The rollout would be episodic, bringing new scenes and characters forward over the course of the 12 week campaign.

“Brands only get a few seconds to make you feel something, so we took Brixton out of its comfort zone to a more conceptual, fictional place,” explained BASIC/DEPT® Creative Director Matt Kipper. “We stripped away everything but the essentials to show a stark, elevated view of the brand that’s iconic at a glance, but purposeful in every detail.”

Since Brixton grew out of the garage in Oceanside, CA where it was born, they’ve continued to reinvent themselves and reestablish their place in the world. At BASIC/DEPT®, we seek out partnerships with brands who understand that restlessness is survival, because building a timeless brand is a job that’s never done.


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