Date Published (11.12.20)
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In an ongoing effort to shape the future of culture, we’ve formed a collective dedicated to inspiring the next generation of BIPOC talent.

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Introducing B®/GOOD, BASIC’s Initiative for Youth Outreach and Community Impact

This year has unearthed a glaring problem in our country. Centuries of structural racism have marginalized and subjugated BIPOC. In other words, the system as we know it is broken.

But systemic change starts with meaningful action. As a company whose mission is to design systems that solve problems in culture, we’re passionate about rebuilding these structures to work for everyone—to make this world a better place than we found it for the next wave of makers, thinkers, and leaders.

We’re stepping up to the challenge under the banner of B®/GOOD, our newest initiative. Our aim is to empower BIPOC youth and uplift their voices by sharing our time, knowledge, and resources.

Within this program, we’re partnering with nonprofit organizations and academic institutions in and around our community. We’ll serve our neighbors and beyond in whatever capacity we’re needed—from fundraising and mentorship to collaborative events and pro-bono projects. Along the way, we’ll help tell their stories to make sure these underappreciated groups get the spotlight they deserve.

The youth matter. With B®/GOOD, we envision a generation of humans that are more inspired to own their creative identities. And with the help of our community, we’re one step closer to making this a reality.

Stay tuned for updates as we announce and roll out our community partnerships.


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