Date Published (3.13.23)
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We made the A-List.

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BASIC/DEPT® is Ad Age’s A-List Design & Branding Agency of the Year

BASIC/DEPT® has been named Design & Branding Agency of the Year for the 2023 Ad Age A-List & Creativity Awards. The recognition honors the creative excellence and significant growth across our work, people, clients, and business.

Last year, our team of 150+ strategists, designers, and technologists delivered the highest caliber of conceptual creativity and design craft for the world’s most recognizable, innovative brands, including Google and KFC.

Being awarded on Ad Age’s A-List marks a decade of continued financial growth and an industry-beating high of 88% for talent retention under the same mission to build brands that people want to be a part of and that matter in culture.

"In 2016, we put a stake in the ground to win an Agency A-List as a moonshot goal, and to be recognized as one of the greatest within our industry,” shared BASIC/DEPT® CEO, Ashley Reichel.

“Now, fast-forward 8 years, it is incredible to think that we achieved — one of our many dreams, and it's only just begun."


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