Date Published (10.22.22)
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What started as a casual mood booster each week quickly became a staple of our team’s culture; a way to bond over music and learn something new about each other. Once we realized the impact JAMS had internally, we knew it had to be shared with the world, offering a glimpse into ours. We are honored that the official BASIC/DEPT® JAMS site has been awarded Site of the Month, and that we can share a crucial thread of our fabric with whoever cares to listen.

Building JAMS the permanent home it deserves felt like a natural progression. After two years, and 56+ playlists, a brand new B/D® JAMS website became essential. It serves not only the functional purpose of archiving, but as a way to introduce ourselves to the world, as well. The intro video itself features our team, shot at our San Diego HQ. Styled with analog tech, thrifted props, and a makeshift set designed to emulate a vintage record store, the team went above and beyond to make JAMS feel like a curated music hub—the place you go to find your new favorite set. The next installment of JAMS is already on our radar and will continue to grow as we do. Thank you to Awwwards for recognizing the skill and passion behind such a central part of our culture.

Read our full feature on Awwwards or find your new favorite playlist on JAMS.


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