Date Published (8.2.21)
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The STAR Award honors innovative experiences in digital. We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be recognized for creating transformative experiences—for helping KFC navigate our modern world, while staying true to the brand’s essence. We’re especially proud to be recognized as a creative technology partner ensuring that the experiences we design in concert with KFC are brought to life with the highest quality of craft and performance. From designing new ways to transact online across web and the mobile app, to launching innovative new drive thru experiences—together with KFC we’ve built solutions that have helped shape the business, elevate the brand and voice, and drive change at scale.

Delivering quality customer care and traditional hospitality is a staple of the KFC experience. Through intentional design and creative technology, our team has enjoyed collaborating with this iconic brand to extend this experience into digital. We look forward to continuing to support their mission.


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