Date Published (8.29.19)
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We collaborated with the premier outdoor electronics company on a strategic rebrand.

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BASIC® and Furrion Partner to Launch All New eCommerce Website Built for a D2C Future

Furrion is an outdoor electronics and technology company that bridges luxurious taste and sustainable living. It partnered with us to update its brand and shopping platform through sophistication, simplicity, and above all, storytelling.

With a keen focus on design and engineering, Furrion is a brand that lives at the pinnacle of innovation, but it wasn’t satisfied with the status quo. So, throughout the duration of the project, there was one specific goal: to invent Furrion’s future. We led brand repositioning efforts as well as a site rebuild to facilitate Furrion’s shift from B2B to B2C/D2C.

As two ambitious, passion-led companies looking toward the future, the relationship was a perfect fit.
Steve Denekas
VP of Creative at BASIC®

Today’s culture demands that brands be more human. Our final deliverables reflected this authenticity. We helped develop the brand’s design language and overall experience through lifestyle photo/video content, photorealistic 3-D renders, and a consolidated site navigation—all paired with digestible copy. These honest interactions not only expedited the path to purchase but also endeared the luxury brand and its products to consumers.

Within a rigorous four-month timeline, Furrion and BASIC® accomplished a successful identity overhaul and site launch in advance of CES 2019. This required not only an updated strategy and design but also an overhaul of the client’s technology stack and eCommerce platform. The condensed timeline compelled our team and the client to constantly communicate and iterate through frequent working sessions and biweekly syncs. The result was a complete reimagining of luxury technology.

Whether it’s Furrion or any other partnership in our portfolio, we seek to strip away the excess, get to the heart of what makes a brand relevant in culture, and tell its story through transformative experiences.

To get the full breakdown of the project, read our case study here.


Furrion brings travelers, explorers, and adventurers to a future driven by sustainability and luxury. A leader in off-grid innovation, it capitalizes on the latest breakthroughs in engineering and design and uses them to transform how we experience the world around us.


BASIC® is an experience design company that thrives at the crossroads of culture and technology. Combining human intuition with systematic thinking, its work in strategy, design, and digital transformation is recognized for challenging business convention alongside the world’s most forward-thinking brands.

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