Date Published (3.11.24)
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Dave Lucas of BASIC/DEPT® leads panel discussion on inclusive design at MACH Haus NYC

How can inclusive design become a creative opportunity? Why isn’t accessibility a discussion that comes earlier in the creative process?

In a recent panel at a MACH Alliance event, our very own Dave Lucas led a discussion that uncovered these insights and more. The MACH Alliance is a nonprofit for software vendors, systems integrators, agencies, and experts advocating for open technology ecosystems. Dave was joined by Ken Trush, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Daniel’s Music Foundation, a non profit for people living with disabilities, as well as Carla Sullivan, their Marketing & Disability Awareness Director. Also joining was Jason Saroyan, Director, Channels & Alliances, North America of Contentful, a premiere content management system.

The session dives into the mission of DMF, their digital transformation, and why accessible design is a creative opportunity that benefits everybody, instead of it being thought of as a limitation. We spoke about specific learnings uncovered from our collaboration on their website relaunch. We also talked about why Contentful and Headless was the right solution to ensure an inclusive, intuitive, and engaging experience, and the scale and support needed for DMF to better serve its community.

Check out the video for more.


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