Date Published (6.5.17)
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BASIC® associate creative director Erwin Hines recently spoke on a UX-design panel focused on discussing the importance of human interactions and how to improve user experiences through design.

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Erwin Hines Joins Panel at UC San Diego Design Conference

As part of the growing design community at UC San Diego, we were recently invited to take part in their first annual UX Design Conference. As an open invitation to the creative community here in San Diego, the focus of the design conference was to introduce students to agency professionals through panel discussions and UX workshops.

BASIC® associate creative director Erwin Hines, took the stage to represent our agency as part of a panel series. The hour-long discussion featured experience designers from multiple disciplines explaining the importance of design in today’s culture. Below are a few key takeaways from the discussion.

Business goals and audience goals don’t have to be at odds.

Each panelist dove into detail explaining that a good designer doesn’t just paint pretty pictures, they’re able to align themselves with the vision of the company and create experiences that enrich the brand’s story while making the business more profitable.

Sell design, don’t just talk design.

The discussion spoke to the designer’s responsibility to have a deep understanding of the challenges and issues the business is facing and articulate a sound solution that furthers the company’s ability to shape culture.

A brand is an ecosystem of consumer touch-points.

For aspiring designers looking to gain experience in the industry, the panelists explained the importance of understanding that a brand is essentially an ecosystem of consumer touch-points, all working together to convey a message. In order to drive change, it’s up to the designer to create solutions that work together with this ecosystem and connect with the mindset and emotional needs of the consumer.

The UC San Diego Design Conference was a great way to align with the creative community in San Diego. We were able to learn a lot about how these young designers are taking their broader knowledge from areas like engineering and economics, and applying this solutions-based mentality to help inform the way they see design playing a bigger role in culture moving forward.

As designers, we are creating things that shape the way people view and interact with the world around them. We can make their day simple or we can complicate their day by the choices we make within our designs. So design wisely and look at design with empathy.
Erwin Hines, Associate Creative Director at BASIC®

(UC San Diego Design Conference)

The first annual UC San Diego Design conference brings together the inspirational keynote speakers to talk about human interaction design. The event is hosted on behalf of Delta Sigma Pi, one of the largest professional fraternities in the country along with Design at UCSD, a student-led group of designers focused on UX design, research, know-how, and the community.


BASIC® is an experience design company that thrives at the crossroads of culture and technology. Combining human intuition with systematic thinking, its work in strategy, design, and digital transformation is recognized for challenging business convention alongside the world’s most forward-thinking brands.

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