Date Published (11.30.21)
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Our work with KFC continues to attract sales and start industry conversations.

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FAST CO.: BASIC® and KFC Team Up for a Digital Overhaul

The ongoing partnership between KFC and BASIC® revolves largely around modernizing the customer experience, end-to-end. From eCommerce and the KFC app, to in-store and drive thru, we have completely reimagined every customer interaction.

Our work centered around the simple goal of selling more chicken. And since we started working with them in 2019, digital sales have skyrocketed—up 10x. As noted in Fast Co., “orders made on the KFC app and through its e-commerce platform accounted for $10B in global sales and are set to eclipse that number significantly this year.”

Even in digital, the KFC brand’s irreverent tone and strong values come through—something that we have considered with every strategic and design decision. “To truly build a brand-led digital experience, you have to aim to make it look, feel, and sound like something that could only be KFC,” said Andrew Yanoscik, Vice President of Creative at BASIC. In doing so, we’ve not only met the demands of the business and franchisees, but we’ve maintained the strong relationship KFC has with its dedicated customers.

Today’s digital experiences fall flat without the backing of best-in-class technology platforms. We partnered with KFC and Yum teams to architect and build on platforms like Next.js, Contentful, and Optimizely so the brand and ordering experiences are seamless and ready to support the next generation of digital customer experience.

“Franchisees and stakeholders have seen success. And now they’re asking how we can move forward even faster,” KFC CTO Chris Caldwell told Fast Co.

With speed being one of our main priorities, we’re well on our way to an even larger increase in numbers. Already, same-store sales in the US are up 19% year on year. We are constantly collaborating with KFC on new projects and more ways to optimize the customer experience—an effort we’re confident will bring continued success.

To read more about our partnership with KFC and how the brand is rethinking the digital space, check out our recent feature in Fast Company.


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