Date Published (1.19.23)
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How apparel brands can embrace gender fluidity in the metaverse

As Web3 and the metaverse become more mainstream, brands are looking for ways to make an impact. Not only as a usable platform, but how can they use it for good? How can they make it an inclusive experience? BASIC/DEPT® Copy Lead Marc Weinreich uncovers three ways to reimagine the online, in-store, and metaverse shopping experience during historic changes in tech and gender identity. Marc posits that as younger generations are increasingly fluid in terms of gender identity, brands must rethink their shopping experiences and products through an un-gendered lens. The brands that succeed will shape the future of retail and the brands that succumb to the status quo will fall by the wayside. It’s time to re-imagine the apparel industry.

“From a brand perspective, it bubbles up to a single truth: if you’re focused only on today, you’re going to fall behind tomorrow. In meme language, you’ll lose to the brand she told you not to worry about.”

How can apparel brands shape the future of eCommerce? Read more in The Drum.


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