Date Published (3.28.23)
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Introducing REV by LYFT

In a collaborative partnership with Lyft, we designed and built a central hub for all relevant articles and news in the Lyft sphere. Rev by Lyft was an exercise in push and pull, with the BASIC/DEPT® team working within Lyft’s own systems to not only check every box, but find moments to break molds. To differentiate. To deliver beyond a simple template.

This project was a true sprint. Lyft came to us with an idea and it was up to us to earn their trust. Our team quickly positioned ourselves as an extension of the Lyft team, immediately working to understand both the brand and systems at play. Working closely together, we found opportunities to evolve the brand’s design systems, identifying key moments to bring this site to life. A subpage built to house articles on transportation, new technologies, and values, can easily become templatized. Knowing this going in, we were able to pivot when necessary and work with the team to explore more dynamic options available.

Despite limits on time and development requirements, the final result delivered beyond expectations. The new page focuses on storytelling through dynamic interactions and engaging content, rather than serving as a standard index of articles. Users are brought into the Lyft fold and guided down the page with an easy flow, given the volume of content at hand. Our strategic decisions allowed us to create a breathable experience that doesn’t overwhelm, while flexing seamlessly across both desktop and mobile—a key consideration going in. The reaction was enthusiastic on both sides. The Lyft team was incredibly happy with our final designs, and the BASIC/DEPT® team felt equally challenged and rewarded throughout the entire process.

“Really appreciate the collaboration, communication, speed, and quality of the output. Really well done. Excited to see this experience live. Thanks again!”- Romain Gambier, Senior Site Manager @ Lyft

It’s worth noting the small team running this sprint. With three creatives onboard, they were able to block out the noise and jam together, finding a push and pull within their own small circle. Where do we push back? What’s the better solution? How can this work within this system? Ultimately bouncing ideas off each other, and onto the client. By the end, we proved BASIC/DEPT® as a partner that can both deliver and challenge. But most importantly, we can work within the true spirit of collaboration.


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