Date Published (3.6.18)
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The Culture Manual is an online employee handbook with an evolved brand identity that highlights our core values and company culture.

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Introducing the New BASIC® Culture Manual

We're undergoing massive scale with plans to embed a team in California's Bay Area and more than double the size of our agency throughout the next four months.

As new employees join our team, it’s critical that our values and vision remain intact. With this in mind, we’ve created the BASIC® Culture Manual, which acts as an expression of our brand, a guide to our way of doing things, as well as a tool for recruiting and on-boarding new hires.

The new site provides a closer look at our agency: what connects us, what excites us, and—ultimately—what best represents our culture. It includes the principles that drive our agency forward, descriptions of our team members, fun facts about our agency, and a new culture reel that illuminates our collective vision.

Across the site, we’ve established a new design language that lives at the intersection of Swiss minimalism and artistic expression. It’s an identity that can adapt as necessary to connect with our clients, community, and team. There’s also a new typographic framework that’s juxtaposed with similar yet contrasting styles for focus and visual interest, and a new photographic direction that brings our diverse personalities forward in a bold way.

As we continue to grow into our embedded site in the Bay Area, we’re proud to announce that we are currently hiring for full-time positions in both San Francisco and San Diego. Learn more about our creative teams by exploring the new BASIC® Culture Manual and submit your application via our careers page.


BASIC® is an experience design company that thrives at the crossroads of culture and technology. Combining human intuition with systematic thinking, its work in strategy, design, and digital transformation is recognized for challenging business convention alongside the world’s most forward-thinking brands.

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