Date Published (11.15.23)
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The Future of AI-Powered Commerce

The future of commerce is…personalization. No, you didn’t just fall asleep and wake up in 2010. Let us explain.

We are in an era of ecommerce dominated by the convenience of marketplaces. But social channels like TikTok are showing the importance of personal connection and fluidity in shopping. 43% of Gen Z consumers start their online product searches on TikTok, and the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag has nearly 50 billion views.

It’s not just about Gen Z and TikTok though. Consumers want a shopping experience that can adapt to nuance. Humans are multidimensional - even two people who share a demographic could be wildly different in behavior and interests.

What if branded commerce could speak to people like the best sales associate they’ve ever come across? Thanks to AI, it can. We are finally in a moment where commerce experiences can match the dynamism of the user who is visiting.

Watch this webinar to see how your brand can combine future-facing technology in a way the industry has never seen before. You’ll learn:

  • How digital architectures of the future will allow brands to create truly dynamic experiences with content served in a contextual moment
  • How content, data and AI can come together to create unique experiences for people based not only on their interests, but also their place in the buying journey.
  • How your CMS and AI can work in tandem to understand and serve customers better than ever before.

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