Date Published (6.13.24)
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Laura on stage at Glossy
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The Future of Fashion and AI at Glossy's Ecommerce Summit

The 2024 Glossy eCommerce Summit brought together the foremost minds in the digital commerce landscape. Hosted by Glossy, a leading authority on fashion and beauty industry insights, the summit provided a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors to discuss the latest trends and strategies shaping the future of eCommerce. Attendees were treated to insightful panel discussions, keynote presentations, and interactive workshops covering topics ranging from sustainable practices in online retail to the integration of AI and AR technologies for enhanced customer experiences. The summit served as a catalyst for collaboration and inspiration, paving the way for the continued evolution of the eCommerce landscape.

Our own Laura Tron took the stage to uncover how AI is revolutionizing fashion and retail, challenging brands to create high-quality content at an unprecedented scale. As technology levels the playing field, their focus shifts to differentiation—how to stand out in a content-saturated world. She explored how brands are leveraging AI to redefine their identity and connect with consumers authentically. Imagine if branded commerce could engage customers the way your top performing sales associate does. Thanks to AI, that possibility is now a reality. We've reached a pivotal moment. One where the commerce experience can seamlessly adapt to the dynamic needs of each user.

In addition to our session, we partnered with Digiday on “The state of AI in fashion: How AI is transforming design, marketing and the next generation of CX.” We surveyed over 100 brands to uncover how AI is shaping their marketing strategy. The report delves into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence across the realms of design, marketing, and the evolution of customer experience (CX). Offering a comprehensive analysis, the report explores how AI is revolutionizing traditional practices within the fashion industry. From streamlining design processes to enhancing targeted marketing strategies, AI is reshaping the landscape of fashion, driving innovation, and paving the way for a new era of personalized customer engagement. With insights into emerging trends and case studies highlighting successful implementations, this report provides a comprehensive overview of AI's influence on the next generation of fashion. Check it out here.


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