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BASIC® interactive designer Veronica Cordero was recently featured at a three-day live-streaming design event held at the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

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Veronica Cordero Shares Three Key Takeaways for Designers from Adobe Live-stream Event

The Adobe Creative team recently launched their ongoing live-stream video series called Adobe Live. The new series invites top creatives to connect with a global network of designers and artists from around the world.

In an effort to recruit the top female designers from around the world to showcase their work, the Adobe Creative team invited BASIC® interactive designer Veronica Cordero to host a three-day live-streaming design workshop. During the event, Veronica solved a spec design brief using the Adobe Creative Cloud software (mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) and answered questions from hundreds of designers around the world.

Being part of the Adobe Live Project was a unique way to showcase my creative process with other designers from around world. Throughout the event, I challenged myself to create a brand platform from scratch, while sharing some of my own personal insights in real time.
Veronica Cordero, Interactive Designer at BASIC®

With designers communicating in real-time over chat, there were some common questions asked by viewers, so here are a few key takeaways:

Soft skills are more important than hard skills – Knowing how to communicate, present your work, adapt to changing situations and critically problem solve are key values that are important to harness as a creative professional. Focus on building upon these skills, and you’ll be able to speak more powerfully about your work and sell in your ideas with more impact.

Get inspired outside of your industry – Seek inspiration from broader and more varied creative fields to inject a new perspective into your ideation.

Always stay hungry - As a creative, it is important to keep growing and evolving. If you’re not constantly challenged or inspired, your work will reflect that. Immerse yourself in books, stay inspired outside of the design realm and surround yourself with other hungry creative individuals and teams.

Head over to the Adobe YouTube channel, where you can watch the three-part series of the Adobe Creative Live.

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