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Adobe — A partnership that showcases the power of rich media.

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In a world where content drives brand communications, marketers are in constant search of enterprise-level solutions that can help them achieve more with less effort. Recently, Adobe Dynamic Media has emerged as a viable option for marketers. The Adobe team came to us to help them craft an experience that illustrates the value of its new software to client business.


We designed and developed a microsite experience to visualize the power of Dynamic Media. With storytelling at the forefront, interactive demonstrations and rich imagery entice users to sign up and try this cutting-edge solution.

/ UX Strategy

Experience Design

Showing and telling was central to our overall strategy. The site is designed to immerse users in the world of Dynamic Media. Throughout the project, we identified several benchmarks for success.


Bringing key offerings to the forefront.

The homepage acts as a contextual expression of what’s possible with Dynamic Media. Through scannable headings and data visualization, we introduce users to the four key offerings and route them to personalized solutions.


Highlighting valuable features and tools.

We created a series of expansive education pages that highlight technical features and product benefits. The content is designed to not only simplify product information but also drive conversion in the form of trials and inquiries, providing just enough detail to pull users deeper into the experience.

User Engagement

Contextualizing solutions through demonstration.

The ultimate goal was to visualize the power of Dynamic Media. The site uses interactive demonstrations and utilities to reflect both the simplicity and robustness of the software.

Dynamic imaging.

Utilizing one master file, users can auto-generate and publish unlimited versions—changing the size, format, resolution, crop, or effect.

One-to-one templating demonstration.

Users can intuitively create and publish interactive experiences, including product builders, personalized banners, and emails.

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  • B2B+ProfessionalServices
  • FinancialServices


  • B2B+ProfessionalServices
  • FinancialServices

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