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Chrome Industries
/ Overview — A modular eCommerce flagship that fuses taste and utility.

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Throughout the last two decades, Chrome Industries has made a name for itself through its meticulously crafted, durable, city-ready gear. To capture the attention of the modern commuter, it needed to transform its web and mobile platforms with a hyper-personalized shopping experience.


In partnership with Chrome’s marketing and brand teams, we led the strategy and redesign of an all-new eCommerce website built on Commerce Cloud, focused on helping expand its audience and cement its legacy in the digital space.

Through brand storytelling and personalized merchandising, the site leveraged Chrome’s 20-year heritage to deepen its connection with consumers.

  • The Webby Awards — Honoree — Shopping — 2018
  • The Webby Awards — Honoree — Best Practices — 2018
  • OMMA Awards — Site of the Year — Fashion — 2017
  • OMMA Awards — Finalist — Retail — 2017
  • Internet Retailer — “Why Different Is Good” — 2017
  • Communication Arts — Web Picks — 2016


  • Increase in Mobile Revenue
  • Increase in Mobile Conversions
  • Increase in Mobile Transactions
  • Increase in Overall Revenue
  • Increase in Overall Conversions
  • Increase in Overall Transactions
/ UX Strategy

Experience Design

Our strategy was aimed at fostering a sense of exploration through convenience and utility. As an eCommerce experience, it’s a rewarding journey that delivers bespoke offerings at each point along the way.

Acquisition & Navigation

Streamlining the path to purchase.

The core Chrome shopper is typically on the go, exploring brands through various methods, including organic search, social, advertising, and editorial. With this in mind, we knew that users may not enter the site solely through the homepage, so after extensive research and testing, we crafted a navigation framework that works with and for the user.

Product Pages

Rooting product display pages in utility.

The Chrome brand is known for blending form and function. Inspired by this, our product detail pages bring together storytelling components and shopping utilities. From in-store pickup to a robust product configurator, every detail of the purchase flow was built for engagement and transaction. As a result, we saw a 16% increase in overall revenue as well as a 10% increase in conversion.

/ Branding

Brand Storytelling

Chrome’s mission is to equip commuters with simple, functional gear to combat the unpredictability of urban living. Throughout the experience, connection and commerce live alongside each other to highlight the brand’s history, new collections, and nationwide roster of ambassadors.

Product Merchandising

Localizing the experience for personalized merchandising.

One of Chrome’s competitive advantages is its dedicated fan following across eight major U.S. markets. Each of these cities is home to a brick-and-mortar Chrome Industries hub with products tailored specifically to suit local tastes and lifestyles.

We focused on recreating these hubs online, allowing users to shop for local products and explore the brand’s rich legacy by city. Localized content and personalized merchandising make the experience more relevant to users as they learn about the brand’s legendary reputation.

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  • DesignArchitecture
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