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Culture Manual™
/ Overview — A site experience that acts as an expression of our brand and values.

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Approaching our eighth year in business back in 2018, we opened a new office in the Bay Area and doubled in size within six months. As new employees joined our team, it was critical that our values and vision remained intact.


To help strengthen our culture and attract world-class talent, we created the Culture Manual, an online guide for new hires that enhances the employee onboarding process and builds alignment for our collective future.

The goal of the Culture Manual was to act as an expression of our brand, a guide to our way of doing things, and a tool for recruiting and onboarding new hires.


The site provides a closer look at our agency: what connects us, what excites us, and—ultimately—what best represents our culture. It includes the principles that drive our agency forward, descriptions of our team members, fun facts about our agency, and a culture reel that illuminates our collective vision.

Across the site, we’ve established a new design language that lives at the intersection of Swiss minimalism and artistic expression. We also pushed development to bring life to the experience and its system.

BASIC® Culture Manual Desktop Design
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