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furrion.com — A direct-to-consumer rebrand for the leading outdoor electronics company.

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Furrion is an outdoor technology company that lives at the crossroads of luxury and sustainability. Its mission is to transform the off-grid experience through sophisticated engineering and design.

Intent on evolving from a B2B brand to a more B2C company, Furrion approached us to help transform its brand through a direct-to-consumer eCommerce website that would define a new strategy, messaging framework, and visual identity in the process.


Our approach was to show how its technology enables people to live out one of life’s greatest achievements—exploration.

The new Furrion eCommerce flagship delivers its brand vision and products to a more consumer-centric audience. Built for global growth, the site introduces a new design language rooted in rich visuals and content to show products in use; all brought together with a modular technology framework that merges brand storytelling and online shopping utilities.

  • The Webby Awards — Nominee — Mobile & Apps/Shopping — 2019


  • Increase in Online Revenue
/ UX Strategy

Experience Design

The new eCommerce flagship encourages users to explore products in real-life scenarios. This content, paired with a user-friendly system, facilitates the path to purchase and makes for an ultimately captivating shopping journey.

Refining product presentation.

Taking into account Furrion’s high price point, we were prompted to change the way its products are displayed. Inspired by the theme of exploration, the product detail pages allow consumers to examine technical details as well as visualize the product in situ.

Simplifying product configuration.

Much of Furrion’s product catalog can be set up for varying vehicles and situations, with different modifications that impact availability, price, and compatibility. We worked closely with the client’s product team to craft a consumer-facing experience for customization and configuration.

Through an intuitive design and robust algorithm, consumers can now find and build the products of their choice, avoiding the inconvenience of interfacing with a sales representative.

Establishing a data-driven design system.

To sustain a platform that could grow with the Furrion brand and adapt over time, we built the site with a modular, data-informed framework. This gave the client’s team a scalable solution to create dynamic content pages and infuse storytelling where relevant.

We impression-tested both behavioral considerations and emotional takeaways throughout the design process, eventually landing on a highly visual system.

/ Branding

Brand Storytelling

As the world becomes increasingly digital, we needed to formulate an identity and visual language that could live across multiple touchpoints, eCommerce included. This helped us build an elevated brand experience for Furrion that reflects the quality of its products.

A brand hub to bring the Furrion story to life.

We housed a brand hub within the digital experience to educate consumers about its vision, values, innovations, and more.

For consumers, it’s not enough for a brand to make great products—it must also be trustworthy and relatable. In today’s relationship economy, connection is equally as important as commerce. The hub was designed to exponentially increase brand awareness for this market leader, bringing existing customers closer to the brand through storytelling and inviting new ones to learn more about it.

3D product renders and motion graphic assets

Custom 3D product renders and feature animations were created to showcase detailed highlights in simple and engaging ways.

Evergreen lifestyle photography & videos

We shot lifestyle videos and photos that feature products in off-grid scenarios. These are used across the site, social, and campaigns.

/ Engineering

Technology Solutions

Without innovative, technology-led experiences, modern lifestyle brands aren’t able to connect with their consumers. For a brand like Furrion, performance and ease of use are the bare minimum.

  1. Tech evolves by the day, forcing brands to stay current and competitive.

    A nimble system that can integrate new APIs and features like voice and AR.

  2. Consumers communicate, browse, and shop on multiple screens.

    A mobile-first CSS and JavaScript framework leveraging responsive media and client-side rendering.

  3. Brands must adapt to keep up with product releases and industry trends.

    A module-based framework that allows internal teams to create and update content with ease, keeping the site fresh.

  4. Complex product offerings require a streamlined architecture.

    New site architecture that facilitates merchandising and categorization.

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  • Electronics+Hardware
  • Retail+eCommerce


  • Electronics+Hardware
  • Retail+eCommerce

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