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/ Overview

harrods.com — A conceptual vision for the future of online luxury retail.

  • Digital Strategy
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  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Direction
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Harrods is the world’s premier luxury retailer. Since 1834, it has offered the industry’s finest goods, established an excellent standard of service, and inspired customers around the globe. But as the world of luxury continues to evolve, so do the needs of the brand.

Consumers are no longer concerned with status and opulence but craft and experience—something built for the individual rather than a monolith. This prompted us to assess the Harrods brand from the top down, starting with digital.


In 2018, we reimagined a digital world that positioned Harrods as the curator of modern luxury, envisioning an online experience as magical as the brand’s brick-and-mortar experience.

Guided by the principles of aspiration, access, and artistry, we outlined a vision for where we felt the Harrods brand could go to serve the ever-evolving needs of the luxury retail industry.

/ UX Strategy

Experience Design

Thinking about the demands of modern luxury, we set out to establish a new eCommerce platform that meets consumers’ needs and aspirations. Experience is the new luxury, so we explored what a transformative experience looks like—one that merges shopping, story, service, and personalization to shape a new age of luxury retail.

User Engagement

Building value with a richer experience.

Impulse is the driving force behind extravagant purchases. Our vision integrates engaging moments of discovery alongside product displays—inspiring users and fostering desire.

Content & Commerce

Driving interaction and conversion through immersive content.

Luxury is about the details, and our approach immerses users in the experience by bringing the tasteful and tactile qualities of products to digital. Using deliberate animations and digestible content, our solution seamlessly blends shopping and storytelling.

Product Presentation

Making presentation as refined as the products themselves.

Consumers crave content that showcases the movement, fit, and elegance of a product. Our experience introduces interactive moments that offer a glimpse into the life of a product and encourage users to dive deeper into the experience.

Shopping Flow

Crafting brand pages that bring the in-store experience online.

The eCommerce experience integrates digital events and campaigns that are as captivating as their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Users can shop for their favorite brands and explore each of their unique attributes and qualities, much like the traditional retail experience.

/ Operational Strategy

Service Design

Personalization and service are synonymous with luxury. Oftentimes, the process is equally as important as the product. This principle drove the other side of our eCommerce vision.

Customer Journey

Keeping the user top of mind.

All throughout the site, we meet the user where they are by making in-store services pertinent to their shopping journey. In particular, reservations can be made in line, avoiding any interruptions within the customer experience.

Also, by knowing our customers’ preferences and behaviors, CRM and chat become more relevant and individualized to build a longer-lasting affinity for the brand.


Giving members a dedicated and personalized space.

Similar to the in-store retail experience, our dedicated member area is a space that offers recommendations and services to take personalized shopping to the next level. The area curates products, editorial content, events, retail services, and solutions based on user preferences.


Creating relevant and hyperlocalized content.

Based on the user’s personal calendar and lifestyle, an intuitive filtering system mimics how they actually think when making purchasing decisions. Content is also hyperlocalized based on factors like trends and weather conditions within the customer’s specific region.

Product Discovery

Styling recommendations tailored to the individual.

The experience brings styling services to digital by providing thoughtfully curated and bespoke search results. This allows for data gathering opportunities that feel organic instead of obtrusive, helping to provide richer personalization throughout the site.

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