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A model in a bright red blazer clutches a bottle of The Prisoner Wine. In the background, another model with a camera around their neck holds a bottle of wine, a third model gazes in the distance while holding a glass of wine, and a fourth model in a shiny silver jumpsuit leans against a marble pillar while holding a racquet
The Prisoner
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The Prisoner Wine — Creating a world fit for a uniquely unusual blend.

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The Prisoner Wine Company stands apart from its Napa Valley neighbors. From the unusual blends of grape varietals, to the abstract, gothic art on its labels, The Prisoner goes against the status quo to define its own brand of luxury inspired by the allure and creativity of the night.

Only this story was yet to be realized in the brand’s marketing, so BASIC/DEPT® and The Prisoner set out to breathe life into their already successful line of products through its first ever lifestyle campaign. A simple, iconic “flare” for The Prisoner to send up, coming in the form of powerful photos and short films.


For a brand known for carving their own space in a traditional industry, we looked outside of wine to inform our approach. Borrowing codes from the ever-changing world of high fashion to a largely traditional category. We aimed to depict figments of the brand’s imagination. “Own The Night” is built on the paradoxical belief that night time is when we are truly free to be our most unfiltered, original selves.

The campaign rejects the formal, comfortable and formulaic tropes of the traditional wine world. And doesn’t set out to sell wine, but create an elusive, mischievous feeling around it.

/ The Prisoner Wine

Into the dark

The Prisoner represents an escape into to a darker, more creative place. Where the true, unfiltered versions of ourselves can tune out the noise of the day and explore the possibilities of the night.

To bring the idea to life, we shot by moonlight to show viewers everything a typical wine brand isn’t. And in turn, give them permission to defy what’s typical in their own lives.

A collage of mood boards with inspiration for wardrobe, casting, location, and a garage rock aesthetic
/ Design

Uncovering scenes from a world less known.

Through series of dreamy, moonlit vignettes, we uncovered a world less known. Like windows into a fever dream, The Prisoner came to life through places that aren’t places at all, but paradoxes.

Our art direction was stylized and artistic, creating a mood that aimed to evoke emotions and incite curiosity. Our scenes laid out like chapters, we were able to paint a picture of this lifestyle, seamlessly incorporating the product into each story we told. In this abstract love letter to the night, the most natural thing to do is enjoy a bottle of The Prisoner.

visual narrative

Telling a visual story.

We flipped daytime leisure upside down to bring the romance and mystery of the night to light. We assembled a cast of unique characters in provocative scenes and gatherings left to interpretation.

At night, two people dressed luxuriously play dominoes and hold wine glasses. A wine bottle rests on the table. In the background, a person in a bright red blazer looks at the camera while trimming a row of hedges
A photographer takes a photo of models posing with wine beneath palm trees at night
Models pose with glasses and bottles of wine. They have props like a camera and a racquet
casting & styling

Dressing the part.

It was critical that our casting and styling choices remained diverse, providing a high contrast line-up to represent The Prisoner’s reach.

A group of diverse models gazes mysteriously into the distance. One of them sits near a stack of books and a pair of binoculars. The other two stand on either side of a tennis net, with one holding a racquet and the other throwing a ball into the air
Photographers on set of the photo shoot point to an image on a computer screen
At night, two models wearing sunglasses relax next to a pool and gaze in opposite directions. One of them uses a mirror to get a tan from the moonlight
A model reclining on a couch next to a pool and a glowing lamp lifts their sunglasses to look into the distance
At night, one model holds a bottle of wine while another model behind them in a plaid fur jacket looks into the darkness with a pair of binoculars

If you know, you know

Every detail of the shoot was considered, down to the expressions on our talent’s faces. They exuded confidence, with cheeky smirks, not ear-to-ear smiles. They were each up to something mischievous, in-the-know of this secretive, cult-like community.

  • A mobile screen with a model reclining on a sofa, wearing sunglasses, and using a mirror to tan in the moonlight. Text says, “Own The Night”
  • A mobile screen with a model sipping wine and sitting at a table covered in dominoes
  • A mobile screen with two models at night: one holding a bottle of wine and the other peering into the darkness with a pair of binoculars. Text says, “The Prisoner”
  • A mobile screen of a model in a fur coat holding a bottle of wine. Text says, “Own The Night, The Prisoner Wines”
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