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Radpowerbikes.com — An eCommerce experience driven by a sustainability-powered vision.

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Mike Radenbaugh of Rad Power Bikes started building electric bikes almost two decades before their popularity soared. Rad’s machines were first-in-class creators. Word of mouth ubiquitous. Environmental revolutionaries. Without ever having a single slapping photograph of their beautiful machine. Without a site refresh. Without a rebrand. Without a forged storyline. Just a teenage tinkerer making ebikes for a California neighborhood long before the trend.

The working landing page didn’t match the aesthetic. And the bike looked a thousand times more stunning in person than online. People were waltzing into stores and leaving with bikes IRL. And the bikes were selling themselves word of mouth—without a single, viable digital touchpoint. And now that the world was starting to care, Mike wanted to use the platform not for simply slinging more frames, but for building a world around the most uncool thing in our sphere—reflecting on your footprint as a patron of the planet. The e-comm experience would then not only make shopping for the most customized ebike on the market more palatable, but also give a voice to the brand shapeshifting e-transport, worthy of everyone’s attention.


Even though the brand was already successful before ever having a site refresh or a proper digital touchpoint, they were already a trusted voice advocating for sustainability and the environment, and a renowned brand for doing the least likely thing in their space today—not one bike for all, but any type of bike you want and need and envision—for everyone.

This type of everyman, holistically wholesome mindset is rare and next-to-none—and is the very reason they are the most trusted brand on the market. For all these aforementioned altruisms, we didn’t just want our e-commerce experience to simply sell bikes. We wanted it to unlock a world of possibilities for an up-and-coming electric bike community, and build a lifestyle around sustainable routines for everyday living. This is the type of real growth and world health Mike was envisioning. And we knew, in order to accomplish this, we didn’t just need to reimagine our image, or the possibilities an ebike can unlock for you—we needed to shift our thinking altogether into becoming opportunists for realizing your ideal routine.


Clean, simple design takes years of crafting & refinement.

Elegant design doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, attention to detail, and years of experience. All that dedication to perfection is what makes Rad Power Bikes the highest caliber machine it lives up to today. We wanted to bring that engineering story to life, using design philosophy to articulate its magic: intricate parts to encompass the greater, more realized, whole.


Purpose-driven product utility.

We wanted to create a canvas for users to just naturally explore. But while matching their lifestyle with their frame type we uncovered a refined layout and journey that helped them build their dream bike—and make their new routine a reality—the pretty way.

Unique Checkout Experience

In order to let each journey be personal, we wanted to allow for unique checkout flows for each user’s interest or depth in the experience. This manifested as ‘Customize My Own’, creating the ability for users to find their fit while customizing their own frame, and check out—seamlessly within one, intuitive journey.

Personalize your frame

We built a customizer—a treatment to make accessorizing an engaging visualization and personal build of your perfect ride. We wanted to create an instances for customers to imagine themselves on their own frame, throughout their journey to purchase.

/ Details

with great products comes great purpose.

Being that each bike has a working, pastoral spirit, plus a natural fervor in its design, made it all the more fitting to unlock lifestyle benefits within each model.

We knew the product had to be shoppable. But we found that in making the brand’s ethos palpable—we were able to make the product more discernible and more tangible through approachable, classic voice.

Fit Finder

The goal was to convey that this bike was suited for all lifestyles, routines, shapes and sizes—but that while it looked readymade—it is actually so custom, tailor-fit that you can get exactly what you envision.

Design was also able to accomplish a twofold mission—making this moment easy to navigate to find your perfect fit, and helping you picture yourself flying on your next ebike.

Bike Modals in Detail

We wanted to showcase the bike’s ornate design characteristics through a method that is both familiar and intuitive to navigate—by bringing the machine’s profile and refined detail together into the spotlight.

Product education

Storytelling through product-first lifestyle moments.

To better understand the ebike’s components and all the parts that coalesce into a custom-fit machine, we married the lifestyle contexts with product experience, and showcased the product real-life scenarios—illustrating utility firsthand in each instance of design.

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  • increase in purchase likelihood after using the customizer tool
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