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Snap Lens Studio
/ Overview — A digital platform designed to simplify augmented reality.

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Snap Inc. is one of the largest augmented reality channels in the world, with a daily user count in the tens of millions. Augmented reality—commonly known as AR—is on the rise, and a major barrier to entry is its complexity. As a result, brands have been hesitant to tap into this technology despite its potential for global demand.

To capitalize on the growing need for AR capabilities, Snap created Lens Studio, an easy-to-use development platform. The goal was to make this modern technology more open-source, giving creative license to people outside the company—from frequent Snapchatters to young 3-D artists to seasoned business professionals.


We were brought in to help introduce this platform in a way that leveraged both Snapchat’s technical expertise and signature whimsy. Overall, our strategy was to give visitors the full Lens Studio experience. We collaborated with the client on a central destination for inspiration and education, where users can learn about Lens Studio capabilities, browse examples of content through QR codes, download the app, and dive deep into a robust set of development resources.

/ UX Strategy

Experience Design

The site was built around showing, not telling. The experience had to be not only immersive but also easy to navigate. It was foremost a marketing site but also a repository of API documentation and other technological resources, so it had to inspire as well as educate.

User Experience

Introducing the world to Lens Studio.

The site is designed to provide optimal inspiration and information. The experience highlights user-generated lenses from people all over the globe and shows visitors how to harness the power of augmented reality from the comfort of their own workstations.


Establishing a versatile content framework across user types.

As a research tool and marketing channel, the site demanded an experience strategy built to route users to preferred content. Our modular framework enables the Snap team to surface marketing content and development articles in a timely manner.

User Engagement

Driving downloads through challenges and inspiration.

We designed a Challenges page to drive participation and repeat visits. In doing so, we helped Snap Inc. establish a loyal community of Snapchatters and Lens Creators by encouraging a friendly exchange of ideas.


A robust resource library for developers and creators.

Considering the distinct audience segments, we realized the experience—especially the more technical sections—had to be as simple as possible.

The challenge was to take a dense set of information and create something that could be easily understood by students and engineers alike, toeing the line between pragmatic and playful. Our framework was set up to be a support page for Lens Creators as well as a starting point for those new to the Lens Studio and the world of augmented reality.

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