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For over 20 years, VIZIO has been committed to making high-quality affordable entertainment. Smart TVs, sound bars, even a built-in, free digital streaming platform—they make it all for everyone, and don’t skimp on the quality.

But the brand’s digital experience didn’t accurately reflect this commitment, nor could people buy products directly from the site. needed to reflect the brand’s ethos of “entertainment for all,” as well as champion individual product stories to enable confidence in visitors looking to buy.


BASIC worked closely with VIZIO to reintroduce its products as a lineup of goods made for those who love immersive entertainment. We modernized the site experience by letting the products speak for themselves, showcased the beauty of their builds and engineering, and stripped away ostentatious language for relatable storytelling that connected to site visitors through their senses.

/ Testimonial
Great work across the teams and a hugely successful, collaborative effort. We’re super happy with the results. So kudos all around.Jodie McAfee, VP of Marketing & Communications


We refocused VIZIO’s brand architecture on what we know they cared most about: the customer, the product and the experience. With it came a more down-to-earth brand personality that directed the marketing team to speak truly as people who love entertainment, talking to other people who love entertainment.

/ Design & Art Direction

Creating a sensory experience.

From vivid colorful scenes to robust enveloping sounds, people turn to entertainment to feel immersed in something different. We used that aspiration to evoke sensory experiences when designing VIZIO’s new site.

Taking inspo from product design

The site was warmed to create a more inviting atmosphere for visitors. Curved elements, lightweight typography and subte hairlines mimicked VIZIO’s refined industrial design style, adding an elevated feel while allowing content to shine.

Art Direction

Elevating product photography

We teamed up with VIZIO’s production agency of record, PARTNER, to create all-new photography that raised the elegance of their products. TVs and sound bars were snapped in authentic, warmer scenes to make visualizing any of their models in any space easy.

Directing new hardware highlights

We also worked with PARTNER to create new visuals for CG animation. BASIC provided direction to play with light and shadow in order to highlight hardware features and create more contrast.

Editorializing product stories

We created page narratives that highlighted the features of each TV and sound bar, elevating different features across products to educate and speak to different consumer types. This, paired with a modular design system, enabled the VIZIO team to ultimately build bespoke stories across their site.

Adding appeal to functionality

As users moved across product pages, we surfaced awards and accolades higher up and gave real customer reviews more prominence as concrete proof points to each Series’ quality.

Across PLPs and Search, we simplified the tech specs and made it easier to compare models for immediate understanding and scannability.

/ Development

Collaborative development

BASIC was developing the final product, but not directly implementing it for VIZIO. The client needed a final product that was flexible and easy to customize without having to write new code.

  1. Flexible builds for a modular system.

    BASIC team used React and Storybook to build framework-agnostic code for individual modules and components. This way, VIZIO could implement what they needed seamlessly into their framework, whether it was Adobe Experience Manager or another program. Storybook allowed the VIZIO team to test components in real time in isolated moments, so they could modify features, copy or content how they needed.

  2. VIZIO and BASIC were working across timezones in separate working environments.

    The BASIC team developed the module library independently, then met with VIZIO developers on a daily basis to collaborate on any updates and changes necessary to ensure the components and modules met the client’s needs. This collaboration was a blend of daily standups, Figma comments and JIRA ticketing.

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