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    Wilson — Helping a century-old sports brand find its place in culture and step into an all-new category.

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    Wilson, the iconic American sporting goods brand, came to us at an inflection point. The company had been at the center of sport for over a century, making world-class hard goods like balls, bats, rackets, clubs, and gloves to give athletes an edge. While their products were well-known by athletes around the world, they were preparing to launch their first-ever apparel line, and recognized that the brand needed to stand for something bigger.


    We started by shaking down the brand through a visual audit and interviews with employees and athletes alike to understand brand perception and the role that sport plays in their lives.

    We learned unequivocally that sports matter — they add meaning to our lives and teach us things. How to persist. How to work together. How to fail. And most importantly, that what lies within is bigger than anything that lies ahead.

    We repositioned Wilson and authored a proactive, authentic mission for the brand and business: “empower every human to live life like an athlete.” On this foundation, we set out to refresh the brand identity and execute a digital launch strategy for Wilson Sportswear from concept through production.

    / Approach
    You don’t reinvent a 100 year old brand. You find its soul and give it room to grow.Ryan Parkhurst, VP of Strategy

    Introducing Wilson Sportswear

    “Athlete” is considered a title reserved for a chosen few. It conjures up ideas of physical ability and big-name fame. When people think “athlete,” they think of the ones they see on TV. Blood, sweat and tears. Walking out of tunnels, arms raised in victory.

    Our go-to-market strategy for the first year of Wilson Sportswear was to challenge these stereotypes by representing the athletic spirit that lives inside us all, and plays on without expecting anything in return.

    Anthem Film

    Redefine the Athlete

    No primetime athletes. No cut-throat competition. No winning or losing. Our creative showed only everyday athletes who play for the love of the sport.

    Social Launch

    A familiar format to carry on the conversation

    For year one, we proposed orienting the brand around biweekly “drops.” This construct was proven in the category and gave Wilson a way to establish a heartbeat of product stories based on cultural moments, capsules, and collaborations.

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