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Welcome to BASIC/DEPT®.

We’re a branding and digital design agency. We design products, experiences and commerce platforms that transform brands and move culture.

We believe in the value of getting to know partners before jumping into long-term relationships. That’s why we offer sprint-based engagements, designed to deliver value, at speed, while building trust and aligning on ways of working.

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  • Patagonia

    25% Increase in Mobile Revenue

    Patagonia's mobile ecommerce experience was underperforming, despite the fact that most of their traffic was on mobile devices. So we conducted a UX audit that informed our mobile-first overhaul of their website and design system, weaving product education with Patagonia's purpose to create a multi-award winning site that drove revenue growth and sparked a generation of copycat brands.

  • Rad Power Bikes

    14% Increase in Conversion
    4x Increase in Conversion for configurator users

    Rad Power Bikes span from off-road adventures to daily commutes, but the brand needed a website to reflect that range. We quickly brainstormed, roadmapped and prioritized features for a new ecommerce experience, deploying a bike configurator tool that enabled customers to build their perfect bike while delivering on the brand’s key message: There's a Rad Power Bike for everyone.

  • KFC

    10x Increase in Digital Revenue (2019-2021)
    19% Increase in Same-Store Sales (2019-2021)

    We built KFC's ordering platform as a uniquely branded experience across web, mobile app, in-store and drive-thru experiences. With regular sprints, we generate ideas that build brand value through visual language, content and experience features. Now their loyalty programs, chat bots, party planning tools and more are cementing KFC as one of the most innovative QSR brands.

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Rapid Ideation

We run quick sprints to unearth new ideas, from campaigns and creative platforms to product innovation and vision work. Then we bring them to life through design and copy expressions – all packaged for your team’s buy-in and alignment.

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Experience Optimization

​​Our UX strategists and designers combine data, intuition and over a decade of designing commerce experiences to generate ideas that optimize your brand and improve metrics that matter, like conversion and average order value.

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Dialing Up Brand

Brands that stand out know how to weave their story and purpose through their digital products, platforms and eCommerce experiences. We find opportunities to dial up your story – creating a unique competitive edge through originality, creativity and surprise.

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