Date Published (2.28.23)
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Part 1 of 10: Good Design is Glamorous

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The Principles of Good Design: Good Design is Glamorous

Recently, our VP of Creative, Steve Denekas rewrote Dieter Rams’ (the infamous industrial designer for Braun) 10 Principles of Good Design. These iconic principles helped guide him during his design process and were Rams’ framework to identify good design. Written in the 1960’s, they have inspired generations of designers, both industrial and visual. His principles have transcended a personal endeavor to become the trusted guide for designers evaluating design.

However, society and the needs of humans are evolving all the time. So why wouldn’t the meaning of good design change too? As we move towards an existence increasingly shaped by technology, authenticity and empathy we thought it was time to reimagine the famous words of Dieter Rams. With the condensed version originally published in Ad Age, we launched an in-depth look at what the principles of good design really mean.

In part 1 of this 10 part series, we’re taking a look at the new principles of good design, starting with Good Design is Glamorous.

As we uncover each revised principle, it’s important to look at what was happening in the 1960s vs current day.


  • Culture is evolving.
  • Technology is rapidly changing.
  • Decentralization is the future.
  • Ethics are being tested across the world.

Combined, these themes indicate the time is right to redefine ‘Good’ Design.

Good Design is Glamorous.

Brands slap their logos on everything so we all become ambassadors for their brands. And if you take a hard look at design today, there is a natural trend to harmonize and copycat. Design today is a homogenous world. You see over and over companies relying on affordances that have been tested versus standing out and taking a risk visually... Originality has gone by the way of quantifiable results before something even reaches the public. We’re more obsessed with capturing likes than being authentically ourselves.

Good design — brings out the spirit that lives inside of us.

Design today becomes an instant extension of who we are as individuals; individuals who express ourselves in a very unique way. We seek glamourous versions of ourselves; from the logo on our watch to the color of our sneakers, each of us is glamorous in our own way. And the result is joy, belonging, happiness.

Good design enables culture to express themselves uniquely: who we are and what we believe. Good design that embraces the glamorous individual inside all of us will ultimately stand out in the sea of sameness.

For a more in-depth explanation on Good Design is Glamorous, check out the video below.


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