Date Published (2.22.17)
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We sat down with Chrome Industries' VP of Global Digital Commerce John Evons to discuss the process of building the brand's new eCommerce platform.

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Behind the Build: Chrome Industries

Chrome makes functional gear for the urban creative and our strategy and design are consistent with the Chrome brand and quality of products: making the complex, simple. Our digital omnichannel experience brings the brand to focus within our fully responsive, flagship site.

We partnered with Chrome in the full sense of the word, learning about their values, products, and audience. At no point does our eCommerce site veer from its rooted city vibe. Honesty and authenticity were key qualities in relating to their loyal audience, and the stage is set for serious brand growth in Chrome’s near future.

For a closer look into the project, view the full eCommerce case study.

(Chrome Industries)

Chrome Industries was established in 1995 with a Juki sewing machine, a few yards of military-grade fabric and seat-belt buckles cut-out of old cars. The mission was simple; create indestructible bags that are practical and functional.


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